To compare the amount of changes between each release, I have diff'ed each tree, but first I removed all auxillary files such as Makefile templates, leaving just .cpp .h, and for valknut, .ui files. Also I deleted the hash directory and cmd5.* cmd4.* fsuage.* from dclib/core because these files are from other projects. Similarly I removed the gnulib directory from dclib 0.3.14. For valknut I also deleted DCDialogServerList.ui because it was an unused old version of DCDialogHubListManager.ui, and eventaully got removed. The diffs were then summarised with the diffstat program.

You'll notice that almost always things are being added, but very little ever gets removed

This file got split up. The "old" series mainly concentrated on essential new features and bug fixes. The "new" series aims to fix many old issues and improve performance. Large quantities of code are being re-written to use different classes, provided by Qt or the standard C++ library instead of dclib's own classes (for things like lists, maps, sets and strings).

"Old" series history, from 0.3.8 to 0.3.13.

"New" series history, from 0.3.14 releases to 0.3.20.

"New" series history, from 0.3.21