New features in valknut 0.3.11

Text encoding

New text encoding setting, in a new Encoding tab in the Options dialog. Dclib now handles text character set encoding.

When dclib receives a message, it converts the text from the specified remote encoding setting to UTF-8 for internal use. When dclib sends a message, it converts the text from UTF-8 to the remote setting. The chat input and output codecs were not compatible with the new system and so were removed.

Therefore, it is important to set the remote encoding to the correct value.

Some examples (taken from LinuxDC++):

For the full list of all supported encodings, run "iconv -l".

The correct setting is the encoding that is used by the DC++ clients on Windows in your hub. This is not necessarily the same as the value used by your Linux system.

Note: you should restart valknut after changing the encoding setting.

XML hublist support

You can now use the newer XML hublists.

Enhanced filelist browser

Now subfolder sizes are calculated, and can be shown in the left pane. You can also optionally show folders in the right pane of the browser. However, you cannot open folders by double clicking on them in the right pane.

/rebuild command

When you enter "/rebuild" in chat, valknut will remove entries from the hash database for files that are no longer shared. This will decrease the size of the hash database. However, if you have external hard drives or other media that is sometimes shared and at other times not, you should not use the /rebuild command when they are unshared, or you will need to re-hash them.

Notable bugfixes

Compatibility with DC++ 0.700

DC++ 0.700 is an unstable, development release. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use valknut's multi-download (segmented) mode to download from DC++ 0.700. If you need to download from DC++ 0.700, use single download mode (File -> Quick Options -> Download mode: Single). This will be fixed in the next version of DC++.