Changes in dclib 0.3.19 and valknut 0.3.19 / 0.4.5

More search results returned

All previous versions created a database of keywords from the names of shared files. This did not include keywords from folder names with a file and did not include any 1 or 2 character keywords. Also a search for "believ" would not return any results for "believe" or "believing".

These problems have been fixed although the new system may be slower particularly when nothing matches the search query.

In addition, search queries containing anything more than ASCII characters are now handled case insensitively. This requires both the remote encoding for the hub to be set correctly and for your filenames to use your local system's encoding.

Switching active/passive mode

Switching between active and passive mode no longer requires restarting valknut. Actually it already worked except your tag may not have been updated and of course the dialog told you to restart.

StrongDC compatible encryption

Encrypted transfers are now possible with StrongDC and compatible clients. This new system is enabled automatically when support is detected and the transfer certificate and key in the options dialog security tab have been filled in (press the generate button, requires the openssl utility program).

The old valknut specific method of encrypting transfers has been disabled by default since it can not encrypt the initial protocol commands exchanged.

An additional incoming TCP port is required for active mode.

Encryption will increase CPU usage, and is not particularly useful for avoiding traffic shaping, which is normally based on prioritising certain services and lowering the priority of everything else.

Partial list uploads

Partial file listings, which list just the contents of the requested directory, can now be uploaded.

dclib bug fixes

Search window improvements

User list icon changes

The server and fireball flags are probably related to uptime or upload rate and are unlikely to be used by most DC clients. Like the description, speed or email fields there is no way to verify the information anyway.

valknut fixes / improvements

Packaging related changes