Releases notes for 0.3.23 / 0.4.9

This is a mainly a bug fix release, also with some minor new features.

Although it is no longer intended for this to be the final release, it is still planned to create a replacement rather than continue working with the existing code indefinitely.

Client IP shown in search results

The source IP address is displayed in search results, if you are in active mode.

Private messages to/from offline users settings reset

The old settings were confusing, but more importantly private messages from users not in the userlist were silently ignored. Likely to be the hub or a bot sending you the rules on joining.

Private messages from offline users are now shown by default.

Transfer wait list

In all previous versions, if dclib sent a connection request but got no response, the entry was never removed from the transfer wait list. This list is limited to 250 entries, if it is full no further transfers can be established.

The earlier change added filling in the empty nick or IP in the list, then later using both to make sure the correct entry was removed from the list on closing a transfer. This had to be fixed twice.

Filelist find

A find function was added to the filelist browser. It searches in file and directory names.

Several other sorting bugs were fixed while adding this.

Hub address sent on making peer connections

The hub address is sent as part of the first data sent over a connection to another peer.

Specifically: "$MyNick example|$Lock EXT... Pk=... Ref=hubhost:port|"

This is to help identify bad hubs which use the clients connected to them for distributed denial-of-service attacks. Also added to DC++.

Bug fixes

Many bugs, mostly in valknut, especially the Qt4 version, were fixed.