Media playing annoucements

The general idea

Valknut has a /sh chat command that runs a program, and sends the text that the program prints out to the hub as chat, as if you said it.

[19:41:38] <VALKNUT> /sh date

[19:41:38] <ejs> Fri Dec 5 19:41:38 GMT 2008

Many media playing programs provide some way for another program to get info about the current song playing, exactly how varies, and usually you need to use a small script (bash, perl, python etc.) to produce the exact message you want.

You can then define some short command e.g. "/a" to be "/sh amarok2-now-playing".

The scripts/programs

The provided programs all produce slightly different output. The exact version of the media player is not required, that is just the version I had.