The End

It was hoped dclib/valknut could become a "good" client for the NMDC protocol, before doing something about ADC protocol support, but that no longer seems practical, and really wouldn't be that useful anyway.

Why development is ending?

There may be many other reasons, mostly about dclib, and since valknut originally was coded using more dclib and less Qt, plus the Qt4 port is still using the Qt3 support library, starting from the Qt4 valknut code doesn't seem a very good idea.

What if anything has this project achieved?

Mostly besides gaining programming experience, I learnt that the NMDC protocol is a lot worse than you would think. Even things added to the protocol were sometimes in themselves broken, since they were apparently left open to interpretation.

What was not fixed?


All of the "end of valknut" etc. seems very negative. It's not really the end, except since it needs to be completely re-written, I'm also going to change the name. I do not feel yet another DC++ port is required. In fact a good ADC hub might be more useful than another client, but I do not plan on writing one.

Here's what valknut has that maybe some other programs do not.