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Valknut is an open source cross platform client for the Direct Connect network.

Valknut only supports the old (but common) Direct Connect "protocol".

Unfortunately it has no support for the new ADC protocol from the DC++ team. If you need an ADC client, try something based on the DC++ core like LinuxDC++.

Unfortunately, due to changes in recent versions of DC++ (>= 0.696), valknut 0.3.7 is no longer usable, because DC++ will be unable to download from valknut. TTHL support is also required these days, so valknut 0.3.8 is out too.

The source code used in this project started from the 0.3.7 release from the no longer present site.

Dclib and Valknut are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. With additional permission for using the OpenSSL library.

Current Version

Old but stable version: 0.3.13 dclib | valknut

0.3.13 was the last release before large quantities of code started to be re-written. Although "stable", it has many old bugs or deficiencies (e.g. no search results or starting uploads during filelist refresh, poor handling of search queries).

Newer intended to be better version: 0.3.23 / 0.4.9 dclib | Qt3 valknut | Qt4 valknut

Status of 0.3.23 / 0.4.9: ok (09/03/2009)

The latest version has many fixes for old issues, some performance improvements, minor new features, and a Qt4 version. But may have some new bug requiring the next version to be released tomorrow.


Release 10/02/2009

0.3.23 and 0.4.9 are now available.

Bug fixes and approximately 2 new features.

Release 22/11/2008

0.3.22 and 0.4.8 are now available. Many bug fixes, and many other small improvements.

Development is not ending immediately, an additional minor feature release is now planned.

Pre-release 11/11/2008

0.3.22pre2 and 0.4.8pre2 replace pre1 because the changes for user list filtering in Qt4 caused excessively high CPU usage (on large hubs).

Pre-release 04/11/2008

New tarballs are available, a pre-release, which should be better than 0.3.21.

Differences from a regular release:

Update 14/10/2008

As already announced elsewhere, dclib and valknut development is going to change, it's going to mostly end so that the whole thing can be entirely replaced.

The news and changelog for the next release are available, mostly bug fixes.

Older news


Source releases of dclib 0.3.23 and valknut 0.3.23 / 0.4.9 are available from sourceforge.

All releases starting from 0.3.8 are also there.

Or look at the (out of date) user contibuted binary packages.

The Mac OS X disk images are now at 0.4.9, for 10.4 or later.

Valknut, as part of a large collection of open source software, is also available via Fink.


Check if your distribution provides an up to date version first.

Source compile instructions


You can use the new forum on the sourceforge project page. I'm "ejs1920". You can also email me: ejs1920 at yahoo dot co dot uk. Make sure you include valknut in the email subject, otherwise your message may be indistinguishable from the large quantities of spam that I receive.

You might alternatively like to use the sourceforge bug tracker or the sourceforge feature request tracker.